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  • Have a problem thats bugging you for a long long time and no one is solving it?
  • Got the ultimate world changing Idea to solve it using a web app?
  • Always wanted to start your own company but didn't know how to do it?
  • Running around Angel investors, Venture capitalists and forgot what you were supposed to solve?
  • Burnt your hands using Rent-A-Coder?
We have a solution!

Start a StartUp
One Web Application | ONE MONTH | $10,000

What does $10,000 get?

A working Product Manager (Designer/Developer) in the US and two motivated and talented developers in India for one month. A fully functional, ready to use Web application powered by Ruby on Rails. Hardware, software, expenses included for shared hosting. How do we do it? Read on...

The Sequence:

The Idea. Start. Scale.
The Idea Start Now! Scale Later
The Idea Start Now! Scale Later

The Idea:
You must already have an idea in mind if you've come this far. If you don't, find a problem to solve in your domain of expertise. Eg: Why aren’t the work applications as easy as Google? Talk to as many people as possible on it. Contact us and flesh out the most efficient solution. NO charge until we start development.

Start Now!
Click on the start button above to get in touch us and create a product plan. We have expert product (design/development) managers in the US and a dedicated in-house team in Bangalore, India. We provide easy access to the right product person and the right development people for low cost.

Scale Later:
Start your own startup on the dime with out quitting your day job. Invest $10,000 in your startup and get it sellable in a month. Market the product. Invest the money back and grow the startup. Scale at your own pace or get venture capital later. We build anything in one month. You say "NO WAY"? Read this.

Are you a Developer/ Designer in the US?

Use our resources / Join Us / Start your StartUp

Interact directly with our team in India for your projects: Multiply the work done for low cost, scale fast with your growing needs and take advantage of the global timezones to stay competitive in the world market. Remain in control of your development of programming/design intensive projects. Be a product manager for your own projects and interact directly with our team in India. Contact us to use our resources in India.

Join our company as a Product (Design/Development) manager:: Our only requirement is that you should be curious. Can work anywhere in the US. We are hiring, please send in your resume and OPML file to apply. Both are required to apply. Contact Us:

Best option: Better yet find a problem and start your own startup on the dime! A management degree from a reputed university > $150,000. Start your own StartUp and get real word experience = $10,000, even less if you design/develop it youself.

Better, Faster, Low Cost: Pick three

How do we do it?

Web 2.0 is a buzzword that refers to all the new things happening on the internet. Tim O'Reilly's "What is Web 2.0" is a good place to start to learn more about it. We've added a few more items to it and have all the below items that are strongly ingrained in our process. All of these enable us to develop a better product faster and for a lower cost.

    Better product:
  • Applications offered as a service in the browser: Agile service that adjusts to the market quickly. Faster feedback cycles from users and quick improvements. Better maintenance. Easier to use.
  • Collective user intelligence: Network effects of user actions taken advantage of. Amazon recommendations, Google's page-rank, delicious, Flickr tags etc.
  • Ajax and SPIN (Single Page Inter-Networked) applications: AJAX is addictive. Once you use an AJAX app, you just cant go back. Application is easier and simpler to use if designed well.
  • Popularity of Simple designs: User conscious product design is what makes or breaks it. Google, Apple, 37signal apps show that simple is better.
  • Process that encourages motivation: We are motivated to solve tough problems. All problems are tough if we try to be the best in it. More on getting a team to do great stuff.
    Faster development:
  • Fix Time and Budget, Flex Scope: Finish the application in one month for $10,000 and leave the scope flexible. Solve only the most important problem and market it.
  • Ruby on Rails: Agile development and AJAX made easier to work with. More on Rails.
  • Global time difference: Development carried out all round the day. Team in India checks-in current code every US morning. US product manager tests, solves issues and raises tickets as necessary.
  • Effective tools: Project management tools like Basecamp, Writeboard and RSS tools like blogs, aggregators reduce the information gap. An event is communicated as soon as it happens.
  • Continuous integration: Frequent check-ins keep the application always deployable and ensure its health.
  • Frequent releases: Small changes are sent to production frequently and catastrophic failures prevented.
  • Outsourcing: Initial shared hosting with Textdrive, Site5, OCS Hosting, accounting, legal services, sometimes graphic design, Logo design is outsourced. We do only what we are best at, outsourcing everything else to others who are best at it.
  • Test first development: Comprehensive test suites are developed faster. Refactoring is made easier.
  • Getting Real and Lean Thinking (pdf): Do nothing unless it really, really adds value. Spec, meetings, extra features, all go down the drain.
    Low cost:
  • Offshoring: Cost effective development in India.
  • Opensource software: Ruby, Rails, Apache, MySQL, Solaris, LighttpD, Subversion, Wordpress, Typo, etc.
  • Low cost hosted tools: Email, IM, Basecamp, Aggregators, initial application hosting.
  • Cheap hardware: Moore's law, Redundant commodity servers architected for reliability.
  • Cheap communication: IM, VOIP, Webcams, screencasts and the ever increasing email.
  • Low cost/Open API's: Amazon's S3, Mechanical Turk, Google Maps, Calendar APIs, Yahoo Flickr, Delicious APIs, Ebay API, Windows LIVE platform, More APIs....
  • Long tail marketing: Its easier to get in touch with your user base how ever small it is through RSS, targeted blogging and targeted Ads.

Start and Contact Us

How can we help?

This page and the FAQs might answer your questions. If you would like to initiate the process of Starting your own StartUp or have any additional questions or comments please contact us using the form below:

Our business is based around Rails. We bow to all the Rails Gods who made it possible. Also, thanks to 37Signals for popularizing GettingReal and LeanThinking (pdf) Thanks to Dave Winer for pushing RSS.